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Balanced Seating Posture on Forward Sloping Chair
Good seating posture from the perspective of a medical doctor.
Body Stress Release
A technique designed to release locked body stress and tension.
Campaign for Better Seating
Information about posture and good chair design from an Alexander Technique point of view.
Human Posture
A scientist's analysis of poor posture and suggestions for improving it.
Posture Education
Ergonomically designed seats and back supports.
Posture inside - The Inner Dimensions of Posture
Buddhist and Taoist training programs for developing good posture.
Posture It
Posture analysis system for medical professionals.
Posture OnLine
Eastern exercises designed to improve your posture
Neck and back pain program for improved posture and physical fitness.
Stretch Now
Training programs for individuals subjected to computer and repetitive task related injury.
The Posture Ball
A product designed to encourage better posture
The Posture Guide
Information about the Alexander Technique and how it can help with posture improvement
The Posture Page
Comprehensive information about several varied approaches to achieving an easy, flexible upright posture. Many useful links.
Yoga with Saeed
A Yoga system that covers postures, breathing,and focussed awareness in Bristol, UK
Yongnian Society on Inner and Outer Posture
Taijiquan for developing good posture and online posture program.
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