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Fitness Articles
Healthy Living Has Lifelong Effects
Healthy living is a good idea for a huge number of reasons. Sometimes people equate the idea of living healthy with living boring, and that does not have to be the case. There is a mentality among certain types of people that they should just do what they want. They don't care if their lifestyle shaves 10 or 20 years off of their life if they can do what they like to. There are many ways to live hard and they will take you to an early grave. What people don't think about is how awful it is to live with debilitating illness for a time before that early demise. [...]

Can Yoga Help You Lost Weight
It is true. Yoga can help promote weight loss. While an hour burns only about 150 calories as compared to a one hour 3mph walk which can burn 350 calories, there are some solid health benefits including that the meditating experience is conducive to weight loss in three very real ways. First, with regular participation the goal is to clear the mind, to become unattached to the stresses of life, and to improve concentration.
Meditations, stretches, and tones contribute to all of these goals, and the bottom line, although it is not the main goal of the activity, is that improved concentration and immunity make one more prone to feel like participating [...]

Exercise On A Rainy Day, Before Play
Don’t start grabbing for the comfort food on a rainy day until after you have had a chance to do your workout. Many people look a bad weather as an excuse to stay inside and grab some treats and plop themselves down to watch a movie, but a better decision is to put that off for an hour or so and exercise first. If you plan correctly, you can weather-proof your exercise routine by having a few small, inexpensive pieces of equipment in the closet and by learning a few exercises to do right on the living room floor.
Hang a jump rope in the closet. A jump rope is a great piece of equipment to help get you going and an equally great way to switch up your cardiovascular routine. So many of us get caught in the routine of going on the treadmill or the elliptical machine. [...]

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